Release notes 1.0.9

New Features

Content Cloning
– Added content cloning feature for pages and all modules.

– Updated the News single template.
– Updated the News module template.
– Enabled the comments section on all news posts.

Import / Export Staff
– Added the ability to export all staff in CSV form.
– Added the ability to mass import staff using a provided sample CSV file.

Staff Directory
– Added staff lazy loading when scrolling.
– Default number of staff to display for staff listing page is 30.

Next Active Directory Bridge
– If NADI is installed a new options page will allow you to map Collab Hub departments to Active Directory departments.


Staff listing
– Fixed spacing issues on staff cards.

Event Listing
– Event listing sorting according to Start Date, End Date has been added on the admin screen.

User Permission
– Added permission for staff to edit(crop, rotate) their profile image.